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The choice of a petanque ball, takes into account different criteria such as game profile. To find the ideal triplet, you have to consider, your position at the game, shooter-pointer-milieu.

On the one hand, the behavior of a petanque ball varies depending on its hardness. On the other hand, the diameter of a ball can influence the reaction of the ball on the ground. Due to its different characteristics, the choice of the ball depends on the needs of the player in the position of shooter-pointer-milieu.

shooters have a preference for tender balls. While pointers are more comfortable with hard balls. Finally, players in the middle position are fans of versatile balls.

All major reference brands are present on Petanque web, so you only have to choose.

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Oddeka Zeus Carbone Pitch Ball Very tender

Oddeka Zeus Carbone Pitch Ball Very tender

Price €219.00
Availability: 14 In Stock
  • The Balls ODK are European champions of precision shootingthanks to Justin Neu's talent
  • Balls of petanque in carbon steel
  • Ideal for shootingandfor the extension on "difficult" soils :)
  • Le top de l'amortiThe TOP of the amort...Hardness: Very steer (110 kg/mm2)
  • Finish: Black satin
  • Manufacture French DRAPEAU FRANCAIS.png
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Fournies with 1 buis goal + 1 chamoisine
  • ODK The quality petanque