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With family, friends, on Sunday or on holiday at the campsite, at the beach, at the public garden... opportunities don't miss!

Les boules de pétanque loisir sontTriplets with unique and specific weight and diameter ideal for casual players.
You must have a triplet of petanque balls so you don’t miss a moment of assured conviviality!
Web petanque honours this intergenerational sport by offering you a variety of recreational petanque balls for both young and old.

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Box 3 Indoor petanque balls Adult

Box 3 Indoor petanque balls Adult

Price €68.00
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  • Balls of petanque flexible PVC
  • Hardness:Soft, allowing to play inside
  • Finish:PVC coating
  • Weight: 685g
  • Diameter: 72
  • Fournies with 1 goal drunk