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Futura Ball

Futura Ball

balls de pétanque en bronze Futura are also available to you at Pétanque web. This in order to offer again more diversity on the choice of balls of petanque. Note that Futura is a brand and a manufacturer balls Italian, specialist OL.

So we need to know that balls de pétanque en bronze Futura, are made by a Lyon specialist. But ball de pétanque en bronze Futura is the only model of the brand, FIPJP approved. That is to say, it can be used for the official competitions and meetings of petanque in France.

In addition, one particularity of the ball in bronze Futura, it is proposed smooth and 16 possible streaks. On the one hand, you will find in the model the pleasure of a smooth touch. On the other hand, ball in bronze Futura offers various selections of streaks for a good grip.

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