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MS Pétanque is at once brand and ball manufacturer, since 1994. MS Pétanque is distinguished by a combination high technology and unique manufacturing process. This offers balls MS Pétanque of very good quality.

In addition, balls MS Pétanque are from a 100% French. Indeed, they are made in Nogent, France. Therefore, balls MS Pétanque have French know-how.

Thanks to drilling, The balls MS Pétanque has a full cracking with one internal anti-rebond structure. Thus, the MS balls have less backwards and one low rebound effect.

So find at Pétanque web a whole range balls MS Pétanque, suitable for competitors and amateurs. Especially as the competition balls MS Pétanque are FIPJP approved.


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MS 120 Carbon pétanque ball

MS 120 Carbon pétanque ball

Price €115.00
Availability: 9999991 In Stock
  • Balls of petanque in carbon alloy steel
  • Hardness: Half-stretch (120 kg/mm2)
  • Finish: Flying grey
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Fournies with 1 buis goal + 1 chamoisine