Boule MS Pétanque INOX
    Boule MS Pétanque INOX
Boule MS Pétanque INOX
Boule MS Pétanque INOX

Whose balls are destined for?

Products MS Pétanque are designed for different player profiles. However, thanks to its soft ball features, the MS LSX Inox ball is a triplet des tireurs.

Why choose this triplet of balls?

The first thing that the boulists enjoy at this birch of petanque is his firing efficiency. In fact, only one test is sufficient for you to realize its very little back. It should be noted that the triplet allows to make very beautiful tiles. In addition, if you make a lot of extras, its reaction will be impeccable.

Although it is a stainless steel ball, the LSX do not slide hands. It is appropriate all types of land, and especially difficult tarnished land. Soft to the touch, this sphere is deemed to provide a good grip, which really enhances the game. All these positive points allowed the MS LSX ball to be included in the list of competition balls admitted by the FIPJP (International Federation of Pétanque and Provençal Game).

What are the characteristics of this petanque ball?

· Colour: gray with glossy finish

· Material: stainless steel

· Hardness: Tendre (115 kg/mm2)

· Diameter: 72 mm to 76 mm

· Weight: from 680 to 710 g

· Warranty: 2 years

The set of 3 balls is delivered inside a cardboard box with a chamoisine and a goal that are offered by the web petanque store.

Our advice to maintain the MS LSX

To maximize the life and design of its petanque ball, it is important to maintain it fairly regularly. Think about cleaning it with a chamoisine after each use. If you want to wash them, take some time so that the sphere dries well before you put it in your petanque bag. Finish the ritual with a good grading. Your triplet of balls will come out as new.

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