Whose classic metal cut?

You have a competition to organize and you are looking for a trophy for the winners? See great with this classic metal cut that Petanque web offers you. This product is very correct as a lot. The winning team can only be delighted.

Why afford this petanque trophy?

When you prepare a petanque competition, it is not only necessary to reach them balls of petanque. This also requires a good selection of lots to offer. As such, Petanque web offers its classic metal cut. High 41 cm, this cup is resistant and enjoys very beautiful finishes. The surface is painted in gold and design, very well thought. In short, all these characteristics reflect a very good quality in manufacturing. For 25 euros per room, this product is really worth it.

What are its characteristics?

Material: metal

Colour: gold

Height: 41 cm

How to maintain this classic metal cut?

Despite the golden finish that covers this metal cut, this trophy remains sensitive to moisture. This is actually based on the manufacturer's choice of material. To avoid any risk of oxidation, think about removing this classic cut from any moisture source. Avoid placing it in the trunk of a vehicle that remains, let us note, subject to temperature variations.