Obut Obut SuperInox Boule de pétanque inox
    Obut Obut SuperInox Boule de pétanque inox
Obut Obut SuperInox Boule de pétanque inox
Obut Obut SuperInox Boule de pétanque inox

Whose triplet of balls is this?

The Superinox petanque ball Obut is addressed to all boulists who highlight the quality of grip in their choice of ball. With an incredible softness, this triplet is recommended both to shooters, pointers, and to the media.

Why buy these SuperInox balls Obut?

Obut put on the quality of the material in the manufacture of this triplet of balls. Indeed, the perfected inox that constitutes it is not an ordinary matter. It has been treated, so as to optimize the longevity of the product. The manufacturer reassures its customers that this new game will surpass its stainless steel counterparts in terms of life.

In addition to being resistant, the perfectinox is very soft to the touch. This greatly improves the user’s grip and, at the same time, let him go from the petanque ball. In addition, SuperInox displays a limited marking and very little bounce.

What are the characteristics of this petanque ball?


Material:Advanced stainless steel

Hardness:Semi-tender (115 kg/mm2)

Diameter:72 mm to 76 mm

Weight:680 g to 710 g

Warranty:3 years

This triplet of balls is approved in competition. Upon delivery, it is delivered with a chamoisin and a pignet, inside a carton box of dimensions 84 x 89 x 248 mm.

Our recommendations to maintain the Superinox Obut

Obut strongly advises users of petanque balls, whether in carbon or in stainless steel, not to store them inside the trunk of a car. This part of the vehicle is actually subject to excessive temperature variation. This allows you to avoid the formation of small traces of rusts on the metal sphere.

If you want to find the new state of your triplet, also think about cleaning it from time to time. A good blow of chamoisine after each game will certainly be the case. In addition, you can wash the triplet and dry it and then extract it from grease or maintenance product Obut.

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