To whom are destined balls a petanque?

Just like ball of petanque La Boule Bleue Prestige Carbone 110, this girly pink version remains very tender. As a result, the bounce is diminished. This particularity is very appreciated in the shooters especially those players who love to make tiles. Occasionally, pointers use it, but only on a hard petanque field.

Why choose this triplet ballsThe ?

La Boule Bleue has been intransigent in the choice of fine steel that constitutes these balls Prestige Carbone 110 rose petanque. This is it high quality carbon steel is also used in the manufacture of the brand’s entire Prestige range. Each in turn, the metal spheres are soaked and then treated to obtain the coveted anti-rebound.

This process is also at the origin of a very good balancing, a superb amortization and hardness very tender of 110 kg/mm2+ or- 37 HRC. On the ground, it is impossible to confuse a pink triplet with a ball black satiny petanque. Also, as the parts go together, this color becomes worse and the triplet becomes matte, offering a better hold in hand.

What are its characteristics?

Colour: pink

Material: carbon steel

Hardness: Very tender (110 kg/mm2)

Diameter: 71 to 80 mm

Weight: 650 to 800 g

Warranty: 5 years

This model Prestige Carbone 110 Rose has a surface finish. This superficial layer can be sensitive to different shocks. Fortunately, the quality of the ball i don't think he's hit.

La Boule Bleue offers about 30 streaks for its balls of a petanque. Whatever your choice, the price of the triplet remains the same: 240 euros. Upon delivery of this product, a goal and a chamoisine are offered.

Our advice to maintain the ball competition

Carbon steel that is Prestige Carbone 110 Rose La Boule Bleue is subject to oxidation. To avoid rust formation, avoid putting them in a wet place, namely the trunk of a car. After the game, clean the dust with a cloth. You can then pass your balls from petanque to soapy water. Once dry, a smoothing with cannon oil or vaseline will make them the greatest good.

Data sheet

Very tender
Possible timing:
Colour finish:



Total :

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