Whose balls are destined for?

Balls of petanque versatile par excellence, stainless steel 120 Rose La Boule Bleue adapt perfectly to all styles of games. It’s a game of 3 balls that addresses especially to those who occupy the medium. This one performs at the shot as it is.

Why choose this triplet of balls?

Home La Boule Bleue, the main benefit of the products lies in their longevity. In fact, just like all the brand's competition balls, the model Inox 120 Rose has a significant lifetime. This specificity comes from the very manufacture of petanque balls. The special ininox used in the design of this triplet has, indeed, been tempered and then treated anti-rebond.

Also, these semi-tenders have a good balance and make it possible to achieve beautiful tiles. Thanks to the pink color that serves as a finish, this triplet of balls is quite original to be offered in gifts gifts. On the ground, they are easy to find, at least, until the rose layer completely deteriorates.

What are its characteristics?

Colour: pink

Material: stainless steel

Hardness: Half-stretch (120 kg/mm2)

Diameter: 71 to 80 mm

Weight: 650 to 800 g

Warranty: 5 years

These petanque balls are available on Pétanque web, in smooth version and with stries. Despite their girly appearance, the Inox 120 La Boule Bleue are categorized among the competition balls. They were FFPJP approved.

Our advice to maintain the competition ball

Ininox is a matter that usually requires no maintenance. However, to keep the brilliance of your petanque ball, it is recommended to clean it with chamoisine after a part of petanque. To give it all its brilliance, you can even wash it with water and soap, dry it and then put some oil or vaseline on the surface.

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