Whose balls of petanque are Blue Ball Prestige Pink Stainless Steel?

The Prestige Inox 110 pink ball of the Blue Ball is a ball designed for players position of shooter. Besides, she is part of the top-level of the balls of petanque for the shooters. The Prestige Ball in Pink Stainless Steel may also agree Shooter To the petanque.

Why choose this triplet of balls?

First Prestige Pink Stainless Steel from Ble Ballue is a real specialist in tiles on site. Plus thanks to his satin finish, she offers a real pleasure in the hands lovers of inox.

Secondly, Prestige Blue Ball pink stainless steel is a petanque ball carefully calibrated. In addition, the triplet is made from a fine steel alloy followed by prolonged anti-rebound treatment. It thus has one excellent amorti.

The ball belongs to the collection range of the Blue Ball. La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Prestige Stainless steel 110 rose is therefore a high-end ball. Because of the pink color of the product, the ball will allow you to easily distinguish yourself on the grounds.

Note that despite the tenderness of the ball, the Prestige Blue Ball pink stainless steel is approved by the FFPJP. It can therefore be used for official competitions and contests.

The triplette is available at Pétanque Web at a price of €270. The manufacture of the balls of the Blue Ball is done at the order. The delivery time is more than a simple order in stock, about 10 to 15 days.

What are its characteristics?

Colour:satin rose

Material:stainless steel

Hardness:very tender 110 kg/mm2, + or - 37 HRC

Diameter:71 to 75 mm

Weight:650 to 800 g

Warranty:5 years

Our advice to maintain the competition ball

Knowing that Prestige Blue Ball pink stainless steel is covered with a pink varnish, it requires occasional maintenance. Indeed, the satin aspect of the ball is reduced as the triplet is used.

Maintenance of Prestige Blue Ball pink stainless steel is done especially if you play on wetlands. Just clean it and oil it with a chamoisin and a maintenance product to maintain the longevity of the ball.

Data sheet

Stainless steel
Very tender
Possible timing:
Colour finish:



Total :

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