Whose balls of petanque are they for?

These triplets are quite special. Indeed, these are balls that address the amateur indoor petanque. The weight and the diameter are suitable for a adult player.

Why do you buy this box of 3 indoor balls?

Thanks to your 3 indoor petanque balls, you can play petanque in winter and summer. When you drop the ball, you will realize that it adopts a behavior similar to that of a traditional petanque ball. Features to playability, everything is there. Small plus, PVC coating as well as flexible triplet structure Hang on tight, which promotes grip.

Soft indoor balls also have the advantage of not presenting any risks, either for your floor or even less your furniture. To be able to fully enjoy it, a length of 4 m to 10 m should be available in your lobby or living room.

What are its characteristics?

Colour: grey

Material: PVC envelope

Diameter: 72 g

Weight: 680 g

The storage box contains 3 grey interior balls and a goal that has the particularity of having a flat side. This specificity is typical of the interior game. This allows the pignet to hold in place.

Our advice to maintain your indoor balls

You want to keep your inner petanque balls in good condition? After each part, clean your PVC triplettes using a chamoisine or a soft cloth.