To whom the gabarit is destined Obut in stainless steel?

This accessory is intended to petanque players, of all ages, who aspire to perfection in their practice. To be more precise, it will serve to improve your precision firing skills. Thanks to this equipment Obut as well as proper training, you will become a real pro of precision shooting.

Why choose this accessory?

The template Obut stainless steel is used for training purposes. It is the “must have” of the petanqueur wishing to be better in his discipline. Let’s note that the inox used in the manufacture of this material does not rust. This facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of the accessory. In addition, it is resistant and has a high lifetime.

For non-knowledges, Obut is a manufacturer balls and petanque accessories. He puts his know-how 100% french in each of its products, for decades. Investing in this brand will therefore invest in a safe value. For its stainless steel template, it is as easy to fix as to use.

What are its characteristics?

Material: stainless steel

Dimension assembled : L 76 cm x l 69 cm x H 5 cm

The template Obut made of stainless steel 2 parts, which are to be assembled using 4 screws previously given by Obut. Parts one and two exist for the respective placement of ball (obstacles and target) and pignet. As for the third element, it serves as a fixation of the whole, and also to the positioning.

Our tips for maintaining this accessory

Just like balls stainless steel, stainless steel templateObut does not oxide. There is therefore no risk that it rusts in contact with humidity. Note, however, that it can lose its brilliance by being used. It is also subject to dust and other salty residues. This is why it requires a minimum maintenance. To do this, take your template and scrub it regularly with a rag in front of the soapy water. Once you have a good condition, rinse with clear water and dry.