Boule Boulenciel Diego rizzi Carbone
    Boule Boulenciel Diego rizzi Carbone
Boule Boulenciel Diego rizzi Carbone
Boule Boulenciel Diego rizzi Carbone

To whom the ball RD by Diego Rizzi

Before spreading on the petanque ball, the player Diego Rizzi should be presented. A well-known blister, this one has a 67-point record in precision shooting. It makes him one of the best boulists shooters of the moment. So it is to honor this Italian player that Boulenciel launched RD competition ball by Diego Rizzi.

Being a very tender ball of hardness 110 kg/mm2, this triplet of balls in limited edition offers many advantages for a shooter. However, if you are pointers and you like to throw high or roll your balls, these can also be for you.

To choose these triple balls?

The characteristics of the RD by Diego Rizzi reflect that it is a top-of-the-range petanque ball. ♪ reactions are indeed very good, full-fer firing as well as leaded point. These favourable behaviours are due to the use of very soft carbon, which guarantees theshock absorption by the petanque ball.

Then there is also balancing. It is to be recalled that Boulenciel is renowned for having the most balanced competition balls in the world. This results from a unique technology aiming to make a shooting on both internal and external sides of the ball, as well as a final rectification. Everything is, in addition, realized by Digital control machines.

What are its characteristics?

Colour: black

Material: carbon steel

Hardness: Tendre (110 kg/mm2)

Diameter: 73 and 74 mm

Weight: 680 g to 700 g

Warranty: 2 years

Boulenciel produces only balls of competition. Just like the other triplettes of the brand, this one is then FFPJP approved. You can use them as much as you wish, whether for a petanque competition in France or abroad. It should also be noted that this triplet has a black varnished finish that tends to fade over time. If this happens, don't worry. This disappearance of the protective layer does not make the petanque ball less qualitative.

Our advice to maintain this competition ball

Soft balls tend to get hammered fast enough. To maximize the life of your "RD" by Diego Rizzi, it is essential that you held them in the rules of art. This involves cleaning them to chamoisin after each part of petanque, drying them well after washing and applying, from time to time, either vaseline or cannon oil.

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