Whose balls of petanque KTK Orreza inox semi-tendre?

The triplet KTK Orreza stainless steel is composed of 3 balls of petanque half-tend. Note that the tenderness of the KTK balls is one of the manufacturer's characteristics, which is very appreciated by the boulistes.

In the case of petanque balls KTK Orreza stainless steel, they have a hardness 125 kg/mm2. They are therefore versatile semi-tender balls. In other words, they are suitable for all petanque players, be they Shooter-pointer-middle.

Besides, they're competition balls, FIPJP approved (International Federation of Pétanque and Provençal Game). They are perfectly adapted for competitions and official competitions.

So to give satisfaction to the boulists, the balls of petanque KTK Orreza stainless steel are available on Web Pétanque. They are available at the price of 205 euros. This prize includes, 1 goal in buis and 1 chamoisine offered.

Why choose this triplet of balls?

Everything First, the triplet KTK Orreza stainless steel is a smooth ball. This gives the ball a beautiful free-blooded. It’s a very good ball to the point, like shooting.

Then, like all the KTK balls, the KTK Orreza stainless steel has a special design, bearing the brand logo. To this end, balls are easily recognizable on the grounds.

In addition, the KTK Orreza stainless steel is a very good quality ball. Indeed, it is made from a unique special combination of chrome and nickel. Moreover the ball is entirely made in France, so the guarantee of a quality product.

Then due to a unique manufacturing process, specific to the manufacturer, KTK Orreza stainless steel has a zero hardness gap on the entire surface of the ball. Added to this, the ball enjoys an excellent balancing gap, with a regular wall thickness. Thus, the ball bounces very little on the ground and culminates less than an impact.

Finally, the triplet is customizable and eligible for multiple payment to know 2 times by bank card and 4 times via Paypal.

What are the characteristics of the ball?

Colour: satin

Material: stainless steel

Hardness: tender (125 kg/mm2)

Diameter: 72 mm to 76 mm

Weight: 680 g to 710 g

Warranty: 2 years

As balls KTK Orreza stainless steel are completely manufactured in France, they benefit from know-how in French. Like all models of the manufacturer, the KTK Orreza stainless steel has a beautiful balance and a gap of hardness almost zero. The balls KTK Orreza stainless steel are unique balls of their kind. In addition, the KTK Orreza stainless steel ball is slightly harder than its carbon steel sister.

When buying the triplet, there is a goal in buis and one chamoisine offered. On the other hand, to avoid any trace of marking on delivery, the KTK balls can be individually packed. These are found in a bag with oil inside, which is then enough to wipe with a chamoisine.

Our advice to maintain the competition ball

The petanque balls of the KTK Orreza stainless steelare made from chrome and nickel alloys. This is a stainless steel ball, so does not require special maintenance.

However, to preserve the longevity of the ball and give it shine, you can clean it with a chamoisine.

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