Whose balls are destined for?

The petanque balls Boulenciel Venus Inox has a hardness of 110 kg/mm2. They therefore ideally address shooters. However, some pointers appreciate it depending on the terrain on which a part of petanque is taking place.

Why choose this triplet of balls?

The brand Boulenciel is known in the production of balls ultra-balanced competition. This excellent balancing results, indeed, from the manufacturing process itself. Like Saturn, Mars and Mercury models, Venus Inox balls are the object of a shooting on both surfacesinside and outside. When this step is completed, one final correction was adopted.

These two techniques are typical of the ensign. Moreover, the use of digital control machines allows to obtain a extreme accuracy both weight and diameter. Anyway, Boulenciel Venus Inox displays very little back in a full-grain shot. In the leaded point, it also reacts very well.

What are its characteristics?

Colour: gray

Material: stainless steel

Hardness: Tendre (110 kg/mm2)

Diameter: 71 to 80 mm

Weight: from 680 to 730 g

Warranty: 2 years

Approved by the FFPJP, the petanque ball Boulenciel Venus Inox 110 displays small holes on its surface. This particularity intervenes in the improvement of his amorti. Upon delivery, the triplet of balls is accompanied by a goal and a chamoisine Boulenciel.

Our advice to maintain this competition ball

This batch of 3 stainless steel balls requires no maintenance. However, if you want to review its original brilliance, nothing prevents you from rubbing the sphere with a clean chamoisine after each use. You can, on the same occasion, wash it or apply a little oil on it if you want.

Data sheet

Type of post:
Stainless steel
Possible timing:
Colour finish:
Nude grey



Total :

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