Whose hell is that?

When buying a triplet of balls, it is highly recommended to buy a petanque bag. Whatever your level at the petanque, this model La Boule Bleue you will be of great help.

Why buy a Blue nylon bag La Boule Bleue ?

La Boule Bleue offers different models of petanque bag. This nylon accessory differs from its fellows thanks to its impermeability. Rest assured, inside this pouch, your carbon and stainless steel petanque balls will be protected. Another advantage of nylon is that it dries very quickly. Also known for its resistance, this material retains its flexibility and flexibility. La Boule Bleue has equipped its sports bag zipper. The latter ensures a safe opening and closing of the equipment.

What are its characteristics?


Zip closure

Bagstandard standardfor 3 balls of petanque

Several pockets for accessories storage

The logo of "La Boule Bleue» appears on this bag in blue nylon. Note that it can accommodate both competition balls and any leisure balls.

Our tips to maintain your accessory

To maintain your nylon bag La Boule Bleue, make use of a toothbrush or a humected sponge. Then pour liquid soap and rub the nylon side of your bag. Then insist on the areas of tasks. If the dirt doesn’t go, put your sports bag in the washing machine. This one will come out as new!

Data sheet

Resistant fabric