Whose balls are Ms Loisir in stainless steel?

The balls made by Ms pétanque are already well known in the world of the triplet. His approved balls are already rubbing on the beaten ground and the caillary terrains of large French competitions. In order not to abandon the fans and enthusiasts of the ball game who do not participate in a large-scale competition, Ms Pétanque has launched a range of leisure balls. These balls are intended for people who want to spend good time playing their favorite sport. With family or friends, this triplet is ideal for friendly and entertaining games. Thus, this triplet cannot be used in an official competition. Nevertheless, its presence ensures a fun atmosphere at the time of family outings.

Why afford this triplet?

The primary quality of this triplet is the material of which it is made. In fact, the stainless steel is renowned for being a very durable steel. It has high oxidation resistance (rust), as its name suggests. You can therefore be sure of the longevity of the product.

Ms Pétanque is a brand from Nogent. All his products come from there and nowhere else. It is therefore a brand made exclusively French. It is an undeniable guarantee of the quality emitted in each ball put on sale. No need to hesitate, the Ms Loisir ball in stainless steel is the ideal triplet for your moments of entertainment. La triplette de boules de pétanque Ms Pétanque Loisir en stainless steel est vendre au prix de 45 €.

What are the characteristics of this ball?

  • Colour: Black
  • Metal: Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 73
  • Weight : 650
  • Customizable: Yes

Our tips for maintaining the Ms Loisir ball in stainless steel

A stainless steel ball needs no maintenance. It is hard to wear and rust. The only interview you will have to perform will be an occasional interview to keep the brilliance of the ball and its sparkling appearance.



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