To whom fate balls of petanque Obut SmileyWorld Dual?

♪ balls of petanque Obut SmileyWorld Dualare ideal for the very casual players, who seek relaxation above all. Then the game three balls can also be used for training or training at the petanque.

Why choose this triplet balls?

♪ balls Obut SmileyWorld Dual are ideal for relaxing moments between friends and family. These are balls with a leisurely design that is easily recognizable on the grounds.

These are balls suitable for all age groups and all sexes. That is to say, ObutSmileyWorld Dualadapt to small and large. Indeed, balls have a standard weight and a unique weight. In addition, they are balls hollows without foreign bodies inside.

Then, the ObutSmileyWorld Dualare balls and are 100% French. The design of balls is done in Saint-Bonnet-le-Château in an optical

What are its characteristics?

Colour:Natural stainless steel satin

Material: stainless steel in mass

Hardness: tender

Diameter:approximately 73 mm

Weight:about 650 gr

Balls not approved by the FFPJP and not allowed in competition

Our advice to maintain the ball

ObutSmileyWorld Dualdo not require maintenance in particular, because they are balls steel with original streaks.

Data sheet

Triplet steel balls



Total :

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