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Web petanque offers many accessories. Indeed, to practice such discipline as leisure or high-level, there are essential petanque accessories.

To this effect, your specialist propose all the necessary to equip you as necessary to the petanque. All accessories petanque web are suitable for petanque competitions.

goals, meters, petanque circles or ramasses balls. In other words, quality petanque accessories for one optimal petanque part.

Moreover, a petanque accessory not to miss, these are the custom pigs from the web petanque. This is the basic element to start a part of petanque.

Then find the right petanque accessories to make sensation on the grounds.

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Produit d’entretien pour boules de pétanque

Maintenance product for petanque balls Obut

Price €11.00
Availability: 9817 In Stock

To protect and preserve its balls of stainless steel and carbon steel.

Developed by OBUT to clean and maintain your petanque balls to avoid oxidation. Supplied with a cloth Obut microfiber. Instructions for use:

  • Apply after each part, and at least once a month if not used
  • Spray some sprays on the balls and wipe with the delivered OBUT cloth
  • After maintenance, store balls in a dry place to avoid condensation
But édition limitée Halloween

But édition limitée Halloween

Price €2.00
Availability: 34 In Stock

These are buts limited edition will complete your pig collection. To offer or offer for the occasion. Here, no minimum quantity but the possibility of making one lot, at reduced price!

Different colors to choose or natural, in buis according to your preferences.


Marqueur points Horloge

Point markers Futura

Price €27.00
Availability: 129587 In Stock

Don't lose the score!

  • Special external PVC marker
  • Previous for fixations
  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm
  • It will allow you to know your score throughout the game

Tapis de tir

Shooting mat Petanque web

Price €290.00
Availability: 999999994 In Stock
  • Shot training tape
  • Square dimension: L 160 cm x H 160 cm
  • Central round diameter: 100cm
  • Dimension bar : H 400 cm x 90 cm
Ramasse boule pour boules en Bronze

Ramasse boule de pétanque pour boules en Bronze

Price €15.90
Availability: 9917 In Stock


The Pick up.ball bronze has been designed to collect your balls of petanque(Warning! no Lyon) in bronze diameter ranging from 70 to 80 without effort.

We have to put it on the floor. ball that you want to pick up, the 2 red arcs will move away and automatically slide around the ball to come below it.

At that time, ball is taken, it will suffice you to go back the chain to grab the ball.

Compas de précision Pétanque

Precision compass Steel petanque

Price €19.00
Availability: 9972 In Stock
  • Accessory par excellence for measurement
  • Compas accuracy
  • Maximum length 175 mm
  • Its thumbwheel allows for measurements very fine
  • Material: Steel